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'ello :)

Here's a thread to introduce yourself. Give your name, a short introduction, and anything else you'd like to add. Who's your favorite LOK or TR Character? Do you have an interest in drawing or writing about the series (provide links).

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'ello :)

Postby LittleShadow » Sat Aug 10, 2013 5:09 pm

Hi everyone!

I feel really awkward since I suggested this and haven't posted anything until now...oh well, here goes!

My name is Emily and I have been interested in LoK since a friend of mine first got SR2. I was never really much for video games (except for NES Super Mario and BigFoot, Duck hunt, etc. which was all my family had)until then. I want to say we were around 13 or 14 when it first came out and we'd entertain ourselves for hours with one person playing and the both of us doing a running "what if" commentary the whole time. Good times :) Now I just wish I could see how things could be fixed to where they should be in Nosgoth, and not how they've been demented by the EG :P

Some things I'm interested in are video games (duh! lol). My favorites are the Castlevainia series, Devil May Cry, LoK, MGS series, Silent Hill, Okami...the list goes on and on! Some other things I'm interested in are drawing and painting (which I haven't had a whole lot of inspiration/time for lately :( ), I've also been working on a fanfic (I don't think it'll be complete any time soon though), I like hiking, kayaking, leisurely river tubing, fishing, fish keeping, sponge/ morel mushroom hunting, photographing things and hoping the pictures come out okay,dogs (bar most of the yippers)and most animals except for tropical birds, etc. I'd also like to learn other languages, but don't really have the time. I've caught onto tidbits of German here and there from listening to songs and reading their English translations but that's about it. I'd also love to learn Japanese. Although I'm not the type who enjoys math, I do like biology and seeing how simple/complex even just a single cell can be.

Currently I'm enrolled in the Surgical Technology program, I have yet to take my first semester, but am preparing for it (Holy crap I got accepted!)and am a bundle of excitement and nerves. Also, I know someone else already said it (you took the words straight from my brain!) If anyone ever told me I'd have the chance to 'talk' to one of my fave concept artists, I'd never have believed them!

Hope that wasn't too random or long :)
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Re: 'ello :)

Postby Daniel Cabuco » Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:30 am

Hi Little Shadow!

Welcome welcome! I'm so happy you got a chance to play SR and enjoyed it at such a young age. Wait was that too young for the ESRB.. whatevs.. I played D and D before the 'suggested' age of 11.

Some people mature in their tastes faster than others, and I think young teens get the short end of the stick in terms of what they can really absorb and imagine.

Congrats on getting accepted to the Surgical Technology Program! That's so awesome! (High Five)
I learned German in high school (Wie gehts?) and also just enough Japanese to be dangerous in Tokyo. (Zakkenayo!)
Before I went into art full time as a career, I did consider becoming a marine biologist, because I love dolphins and marine life.
All those games you mentioned are high on my list. Right now I'm playing Dragon's Crown a lot, because I love side scrolling brawlers.. with friends!
I find that going through my books and websites of my favorite artists inspires me to draw a lot. (And throwing good music like Two Steps from Hell on)
Keep a little sketchbook on you and draw stuff that amuses you. You'll find it a handy way to relieve stress and enjoy yourself more.
Thank you for being a member of my little forum. It grew a lot bigger than I would have imagined and I'm happy that people like it. Feel free to fire any questions you have at me. :)

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Re: 'ello :)

Postby Lexy » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:27 am

Daniel that is so spooky - my first degree is in Marine Biology/Zoology, I studied it at Bangor. Same reason, awed by it, and then later just decided on art :shock:
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Re: 'ello :)

Postby LittleShadow » Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:24 pm

OMG 2 years later for a reply! LoL!
School was Insane (understatement)! And Fun!
And now I've been a Surgical Tech. for nearly a year, whoo! You guys can ask me anything about it, if ya want :)

And that is so cool that you both mentioned marine biology, because when I was really young I always thought that would be super fun. I loved dolphins and orcas, and thought it would be so awesome to get to train and do tricks with them (I know that's not what all marine biologists do, but I thought that would've been fun). After watching Blackfish though, I'm glad I went in another direction career-wise; I couldn't stomach having to say some of the lies those people had to say.

Even though I am a Surgical Technologist, and proud of it, part of me still wouldn't mind continuing my art education though :) I remember my art professor being fairly sad to see me go, and it's kind of been something I've Always wanted to do/ complete. I guess I could take a class here and there for the rest of my life, that would be okay with me lol!

And I actually don't remember what the ESRB was...*Grabs a game* Oh it was rated M? :shock: I didn't think it could be over T :lol: And I'm sure my mom would've been okay with it, she's had me watching Stephen King stuff since I was 2 for pete's sake! :lol:

And I agree, I feel like that was one of the most imaginative times of my life at that age - and it depends on the individual what they can handle - If I couldn't've handled it, I wouldn't've sat there and played it for so long, :lol: . Plus, that's when people really start testing their boundaries on things, and there's way worse things people could do besides play a video game to do that :shock: . I think the only "bad" side-effect I've had from any game was just some nightmare fuel *cough*Silent Hill 4 *cough*, but then again, I've had nightmares after falling asleep to info-mercials too XD

When I was younger, and games started having the ability to find art and stuff as little extras is what got me into video game art (I actually loved drawing before then lol). But now a lot of times if I just go to Deviant art I can usually find a lot of stuff that's pretty inspiring as well (I also loved Elfwood, a fantasy art site). And music was another thing that inspired me to draw too - I Loved taking songs and trying to put a picture to it that captured it (I have one of an A Perfect Circle song I should post sometime) - and it can be pretty good for writing as well. :) I do still doodle some, mainly of doggies and goldfish :)

We didn't have German as an option in my High School (which is ironic, considering there's a huge German descendant population in Ohio), we only had the choice between French and Spanish (et pas mal, merci) ;)

I've recently been into Journey, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons,Flow, Flower, and I really want to play Never Alone, oh and I can't forget Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2! My fiance also bought Nosgoth for me, now I just need to play it, lol!

And Thanks for starting the Forum! I've been meaning to check it out some more, but have just now settled down enough again to start doing stuff lol.

I guess the only question I have is if you guys have any plans for a future LoK game? I saw where there was a cancelled game fairly recently. I'm kind of glad it was, it just didn't seem like the same Nosgoth I fell in love with, although I think something could've been done with it similarly to how Devil May Cry was supposed to be a new Resident Evil game, but it didn't fit in well enough with the story, so they made it its own thing.

Thanks again :) Sorry for the wall of text! :lol:
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