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A grant hello for everyone

Here's a thread to introduce yourself. Give your name, a short introduction, and anything else you'd like to add. Who's your favorite LOK or TR Character? Do you have an interest in drawing or writing about the series (provide links).

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A grant hello for everyone

Postby theheroofdarkness » Sat Dec 14, 2013 10:43 pm

Hi there - a big and warming hello out there to everyone out there in the world wide web, dear friends, dreamers and of course, big fans of the Legacy of Kain series.

I am Patrick, a 22 year old student ('though techically still pupil) who wishes to join the grand circle of animators, 3d artists and artists in general someday. You can also address me by my art-name Demon or by my username - whatever you prefer. Also, I'm obviously a big Legacy of Kain fan (otherwise I wouldn't have happened to stumble across this amazing site). :D

This series in general always had been most fascinating for me with its story-line being the most outstanding element out of the whole game series. The way this thing was written (by no other than talented Amy Henning of course), it still holds up the perfect proof that even with a more hardcore game in nature, you still can create an awesome plot out of it rather than just running mindlessly around and ripping enemies apart.

I played it for the first around when I happened to be seven (yes, I'm serious), starting with the first part of the Soul Reaver series - but sadly lost it, again my parents found out about its(at the time at least) violent content and was quickly put on a shelf, 'til I turned fifteen to play it through ('though even then, I couldn't understand what was so violent about it, especially after we received some censors in our home country).

Since then, I've played through all parts, save for Blood Omen 1 which I also don't think I will since I've barely time for gaming anymore (also, 'cause I really don't like those 2d based levels, even if for Ps1) and mostly out because of trying to study. Too bad it had to end on that cliffhanger 'though - surely I'd have liked to see the series coming to such an awesome end in the time it was to be created by you, guys... but well, there's still hope in the future after all...

Well, I guess it was mostly, because of LoK and especially its extra contents that I now want to learn the skills of the Art of Video Game Making and/or Movie Making in general (your artworks also belonged to one of the most amazing ones).

Now then, as for my current career state (aside from being student of course), I'm a story writer and animator and currently working on a larger project intended to hit a larger audience, test out new techniques for any more realistic projects in near future and connect people together, no matter if friends or dreamers who want to achieve something like you (= Video Game Industry)and just don't know how to do it.

You can't even guess how much I'm delighted to get into contact with an expert of sorts who not only was involved with my favorite game series, but has gained quite a lot of wisdom through his experiences. As such, it'll be more than fun to learn from you (which won't be a long time coming).

But there's one thing for sure:

Keep up that awesomeness of yours! :mrgreen:
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Re: A grant hello for everyone

Postby Daniel Cabuco » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:04 pm

Hi Patrick,

Welcome! Wow you played it when you were seven?! I thought my sister was young to have tested it at 14.. haha.
Thanks for your kind words. If you have any questions about technique, let me know.


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